A Small Hilo Office with a Big Heart and even Bigger Impact on the Community


Helping Hands Hawaii’s Hilo office sits along Wailuku Drive on the outskirts of town. It is humble in stature but full of life, change and gratitude.

Our Hilo office focuses its work on Community-Based Case Management and Community-Based Care Coordination through a team consisting of a psychiatrist, registered nurse, case managers, team leader and program assistant. They work together to effectively provide consumers with well-rounded, client-centric supportive services.

A few times a year, Helping Hands Hawaii reaches out to clients to gain feedback about the services they receive. We ask them to share how their lives have changed since working with their case manager and our agency.

Recently we received a handwritten, four-page narrative by Lynda, who recounts her experiences in the Hilo community. She described entering a period of dark depression about 10 months prior to signing on with our agency and detailed some of her experiences.

Lynda wrote, “I would hitchhike unsafely to the store, only getting what I could carry . . . . I stayed in my room at home and felt like life wasn’t worth living, because it wasn’t.”

She continued, “The doctor . . . told me if I wanted a staff that cared, I should [work with] Helping Hands Hawaii.”

She called our Hilo office and made an appointment to speak with Jesslie, our Hilo team leader. Shortly afterward, Lynda made the decision to become our client and is now working actively with her case manager, Dan.

Lynda speaks highly of Dan and said, “He always returns my phone calls promptly and is always positive. He takes me into Hilo [no more hitchhiking] and helps me stretch my grocery money far.”

After receiving assistance from our Hilo team, Lynda reports that her life has changed tremendously. She stated, “I’m stronger, happier. I still have problems but I’m in therapy, and I’m so thankful I have a supportive staff at Helping Hands Hawaii. I am so grateful!”

Lynda’s experience highlights our mission to develop community self-sufficiency and resilience by providing guidance, household goods and opportunities for empowerment and connection. It is our goal to offer compassion and support to our consumers and build a trusted relationship between them, their case managers and our agency.

Our case management teams in Hilo and Honolulu strive to help consumers continually move forward in their individual goals and to successfully overcome challenges. For more information about our work in the Hilo community, contact (808) 961-2777.

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