Margaret “Meg” Gavigan, LCSW

Team Leader, Hawaii Pathways Project

“I do what I do because Housing First works—it brings about immediate change and relief for most people, and I also really like the people we serve.” 

As the Team Leader for the Hawaii Pathways Project (HIPP), Meg co-leads a dual-agency team that provides supportive housing services to individuals who are chronically homeless using a Harm Reduction, Housing First approach. The HIPP team houses consumers as they are without asking for them to be sober or participate in any treatment. The team provides intense clinical and supportive services to keep consumers off the streets.

Meg previously worked for Pathways to Housing, Inc. in New York City, where the Housing First model was first implemented. While she was in New York, she graduated from Hunter College and received a Masters of Social Work degree. Meg graduated from high school in Waikiki at La Pietra and now uses her skills and experience to help with ending homelessness in her community.

Fun Fact: Meg can type at 90 words per minute.

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