Living and Thriving with a Mental Illness


The following is Mary Anne’s personal experience of living with a mental health diagnosis and actively working on recovery. She is one of three Hawaii Certified Peer Specialists on staff at Helping Hands Hawaii. *************************** When I was younger, I felt different from other children. As early as pre-school, I felt intense sadness but didn’t […]

Helping Others Fight the Good Fight


Helping Hands Hawaii is proud to help individuals and families fight the good fight to improve their lives. We assist people at their own pace to overcome barriers that prevent them from the fulfilling life they desire. When goals are achieved, we celebrate together and continue to work toward a better future. We couldn’t do […]

A Small Hilo Office with a Big Heart and even Bigger Impact on the Community


Helping Hands Hawaii’s Hilo office sits along Wailuku Drive on the outskirts of town. It is humble in stature but full of life, change and gratitude. Our Hilo office focuses its work on Community-Based Case Management and Community-Based Care Coordination through a team consisting of a psychiatrist, registered nurse, case managers, team leader and program […]

Community Partners Discuss Ways to Provide Treatment as Alternative to Jail


Earlier this week, Hawaii News Now aired a story about the inter-agency collaborative work being done to look at how we can all better assist the high percentage of low-level offenders who end up in jail while struggling with mental illness and/or addiction. Collaboration between nonprofit organizations as well as bodies of government, law enforcement […]

Free Training Offered on the Role of Certified Peer Specialists


Join us for a free seminar, entitled “Hawaii Certified Peer Specialists: Modeling Mental Health Recovery Skills, Instilling Hope,” on Friday, Dec. 9 from noon to 1:30 p.m. This panel discussion will be held in person at Queen’s Conference Center as well as via webinar and video conferencing. It includes guest speakers Jacob McPherson, MALA, Trisha […]

Case Management: What is it and How does it Help People?


According to the Case Management Society of America, “case management is a collaborative process of assessment, planning and advocacy for options and services to meet an individual’s and family’s comprehensive health needs through communication and available resources to promote quality, cost-effective outcomes.” At Helping Hands Hawaii (HHH), the Behavioral Health division provides community-based case management […]

Mental Health Month Resources

MHM 2016

May is Mental Health Month and an opportunity to openly address mental health issues and stigmas, gather resources, support those struggling with mental health challenges and recognize the important role of caregivers. The majority of individuals experiencing mental health symptoms, such as depression, anxiety, post-traumatic stress and other mental illnesses, struggle in silence. They often […]