Community Clearinghouse Staff Live Agency’s Mission

Approximately 20,000 individuals utilize the Community Clearinghouse (CCH) services and thousands of others donate gently used goods each year. All of these people interact with our CCH staff, who live the agency’s mission every day.

Providing a consistent level of service would be difficult without an amazing team composed of dedicated staff. The warehouse operates every weekday from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. with a very lean crew of four employees and weekly volunteers.

Pua and Ringo tag team to provide donors and clients who visit the CCH with prompt, friendly service. Pua, who has been with Helping Hands Hawaii (HHH) for more than 10 years, is quick to help others and always there when you need her. She is responsible for greeting donors and receiving their donations as well as checking clients in for the appointments. Pua also manages any volunteers who assist on the warehouse floor and ensures that they enjoy their time at the agency.

March 2016-Russ_Pua

Russell, Driver, and Pua, Warehouse Staff

Ringo joined HHH more than 5 years ago, and he often goes the extra mile to ensure that clients are able to get what they need. He is responsible for organizing and managing the flow of inventory within the warehouse. This helps to keep fresh inventory on the floor so that clients have as much selection as possible. Ringo is a walking example of helping others to help themselves through the delivery of goods and services.

Our newest team member is Russell, who came on board more than a year ago. He is our only donation pick-up driver and often finds himself on the road interacting with donors at their homes or offices. While collecting donations from all parts of the island, Russell is professional and friendly. He is a great ambassador for the agency and makes sure donors know how much they’re appreciated.

Although not officially a part of our staff, our volunteer Richard has been crucial to CCH operations since being introduced to us through a volunteer program almost a year ago. He has assisted all of the CCH staff and has always been willing to help the agency in any capacity. His presence enables us to improve our overall operations and allows us to focus on developing additional ways in which we can serve the community.

March 2016-Maria

Maria, Warehouse Supervisor

Leading by example is Maria, who oversees the warehouse’s operations, staff and volunteers. She is highly involved in screening client applications, scheduling donation pick-ups and ensuring that the program runs as smoothly as possible. She is always ready to laugh and not afraid to roll up her sleeves to get the job done.

Together our CCH staff and volunteers enable Helping Hands Hawaii to shine by providing material and financial assistance to members of our community. They operate a program that has helped thousands of local families over the years. Through their work, low-income and homeless individuals and families gain much-needed support that helps them to overcome their current struggles and plan for the future.

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