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Community Clearinghouse

Our Community Clearinghouse provides individuals and families in need with basic necessities, such as food, clothing, furniture and basic household items. All of the items are distributed free of charge and are provided through generous donations from the local community.


When you shop online through AmazonSmile, the AmazonSmile Foundation will donate 0.5 percent of the price of all eligible purchases to Helping Hands Hawai‘i. Just designate us as your charitable organization the first time you visit the website, and then continue to shop as usual. Each time you shop online through AmazonSmile, you will help us help those in need. All of your favorite products on Amazon are also available on AmazonSmile, so there’s nothing to lose and everything to gain. Click the AmazonSmile link below and start donating today.

Helping Hands Hawaii

Foodland’s Give Aloha Program

During the month of September, Foodland matches a portion of your in-store donations to Helping Hands Hawaii (#77061) with its Give Aloha program. Donations are accepted at all Foodland, Sack N Save and Foodland Farm stores, and only donations made with Maikai cards will be considered for matching. For complete details, visit Foodland’s Give Aloha website.


Giving Assistant

Donate up to 30% of your purchase price to Helping Hands Hawaii when you shop at 1800+ popular online retailers using Giving Assistant. Giving Assistant pays you cash back, and you choose how much of it you’d like to donate to us.


Use Giving Assistant to save money and support Helping Hands Hawaii
Join now to start donating 3-30% of every purchase to Helping Hands Hawaii while you shop online at places like Lowes, Best Buy, and Sears.

You can name Helping Hands Hawai‘i as a beneficiary under your will in several ways: as the recipient of an outright gift, either in a designated amount or as a percentage of your estate; or as a residuary beneficiary to receive sums after specific amounts have been paid to other beneficiaries. Adding Helping Hands Hawai‘i to your will can be simply accomplished through a codicil without rewriting your entire will.

Real Estate

Your residence, vacation home, acreage (including a farm) or unimproved parcel of land may have appreciated so significantly in value that its sale would generate a substantial income tax. By making a gift of a full or partial interest in real estate to Helping Hands Hawai‘i, you can avoid tax on the long-term capital gain and generate an income tax charitable deduction for the full fair market value of the property. It is also possible to make a gift of your primary residence or second home while retaining an exclusive life estate so that you (and your spouse) can continue to use it for the remainder of your lifetime(s) while earning significant tax and estate planning benefits.

Life Insurance

A gift of life insurance can provide a meaningful charitable deduction. By transferring your policy to Helping Hands Hawai‘i as owner and beneficiary while remaining the insured, you can deduct the cash value of the policy as a charitable gift. You may make annual gifts to Helping Hands Hawai‘i which will be used to pay the policy premiums, and you can deduct these gifts for income tax purposes.

Charitable Gift Annuity

This is not a trust, but a contract between you and Helping Hands Hawai‘i through which the organization pays you (or any other designated individual) an annuity in exchange for your contribution. The annuity is in a fixed dollar amount and depends upon the age(s) of the annuitant(s) when the plan is purchased. An income tax charitable deduction applies for a portion of the purchase price and an additional savings is earned on capital gains taxes if appreciated securities are used to fund the plan. A portion of each annuity payment is made to you tax-free.

Charitable Remainder Unitrust

Used as an anticipated hedge against inflation, this is an irrevocable trust under which fixed-rate payments, as set out initially in the trust, are paid to an individual or individuals for life or for a term not to exceed twenty years. The annual payment is calculated by multiplying the annual revaluation of the trust’s investments by the fixed rate. Whatever remains in the trust at the end of its term (life or number of years) goes to Helping Hands Hawai‘i in honor of the donor.

Charitable Remainder Annuity Trust

Similar to the Unitrust, this plan has a fixed rate as well. However, once the rate is multiplied against the initial contribution to the trust, the annuity amount is fixed permanently. In this way, you can assure a fixed annuity for the full term of the trust without risk that the trust may lose value in its investments due to market conditions. Again, Helping Hands Hawai‘i receives whatever remains in the trust at the end of its term in honor of the donor(s).

In both types of Charitable Remainder Trusts, a contribution of appreciated property (securities, real estate, or personal property) enables you to avoid tax on any long-term capital gain. In this way, you can contribute highly appreciated property that provides a low return of income to gain a higher fixed rate in your trust without having to recognize the capital gain for individual income tax purposes.

Charitable Lead Trust

An opposite of the Charitable Remainder Trust, this plan pays an annuity or unitrust amount to Helping Hands Hawai‘i for a term of years and then returns the property to the donor or pays it over to other named individuals at the end of trust’s term. This plan can be effectively used to shift ownership of a valuable property to the next family generation at a very low estate or gift tax cost.

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To make a cash donation, click here. To discuss the donation options listed above, please call us at (808) 440-3800.

Information contained on this web site is not intended to represent legal or tax advice or to substitute for such advice. Individuals are urged to consult with their professional advisors when considering charitable planned giving transactions. All matters set out herein should be considered in light of the effect, in any of the Alternative Minimum Tax.

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