Why Donate?

A shared responsibility.

As a non-profit organization, Helping Hands Hawai‘i relies on a number of sources for the funding that supports our programs and services. In addition to the Aloha United Way, state and county agencies, and local and national government, private donations from individuals, families, corporations, and foundations/trusts play a significant role in our ongoing success.

The value of each contribution to Helping Hands Hawai‘i, whether it is made in dollars or time in service, is multiplied by the proficiency of its staff. Over 90% of every charitable dollar received goes directly to support the programs and services. Helping Hands Hawai‘i serves more than 20,000 individuals and families each year and works collaboratively with a network of over 100 non-profit and community partners across the State.

No matter which form of giving you choose, your charitable gift to Helping Hands Hawai‘i will impact our community now and for generations to come. Because you care, you can help to foster new levels of human opportunity and achievement and, by doing so, infuse the entire spectrum of Helping Hands Hawai‘i with your singular imprint.

The charitable gift you make today will help to complete the circle of concern fostered by Helping Hands Hawai‘i, ensuring that our community and its people remain united in both purpose and promise.

Hands that complete a circle of concern.

With a mission to connect individuals, families, and organizations with available resources, both human and material, Helping Hands Hawai‘i’s programs and services embody, at their very core, the ideal of a shared responsibility within our community. Founded on the principles of ohana, or family, Helping Hands Hawai‘i is built upon a solid foundation of charitable giving. This sharing of resources, especially from private, corporate and foundation gifts is at the heart of our ongoing success.

Hands that create a lasting legacy.

Your charitable donation to Helping Hands Hawai‘i is not only a direct demonstration of your empathy and concern, it is an investment in our community… a way of ensuring that your generosity continues to have a positive and enduring effect on our organization, its work, and ultimately the very quality of life across Hawai‘i.

Incorporated in 1974, Helping Hands Hawai‘i evolved from the establishment of the Honolulu Council of Social Agencies’ Volunteer Placement Bureau in 1941. One of the most cost-efficient and effective non-profit agencies in the State, Helping Hands Hawai‘i acts as a liaison between all sectors of the community, matching human need to the delivery of human services. Through this unique management style, Helping Hands Hawai‘i brings people together in service to Hawai‘i’s community at large, administering a group of interrelated programs that provide a comprehensive approach to addressing a myriad of community concerns including poverty, homelessness, mental illness, access to education, and language access for Limited English Proficient (LEP) individuals.

In addition, Helping Hands Hawai‘i facilitates numerous other projects, including the Honolulu Star Advertiser’s Good Neighbor Fund, the Adopt A Family and Ready to Learn.

Planning your gift to Helping Hands Hawai‘i is the best way to provide for ongoing funding for our activities, to gain important financial benefits for you or your family, and to fulfill your charitable goals. The following “menu” outlines the specific areas through which your tax-deductible contributions to Helping Hands Hawai‘i may be directed.

They provide unique charitable giving opportunities for the commemoration of your own name or that of a loved one, family, organization or corporation.

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