Helping Hands Hawaii: Adopt A Family Program

KITV Lei Kaholokula

Every year the Adopt A Family program uplifts the lives of families in need. But, it can also positively impact the lives of hundreds of donors, including students at Mililani High School. Led by business teacher Janise Kim, students will use the theories they learn in class to create marketing campaigns that raise funds for the program. Using these funds, the students will embark on a field trip together in order to purchase gifts for five families.

Click here to see the interview with KITV’s Lei Kaholokula, Helping Hands Hawaii’s Chief Operating Officer Susan Furuta and Mililani High School Business Teacher Janise Kim.

To help families have an amazing holidays, you can still sign up to adopt a family or support them with a monetary gift through the Good Neighbor Fund. Donations support our ongoing efforts to assist families during the holidays and throughout the year.

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