Interpretation and Translation Services Available Through BAL

The Bilingual Access Line (BAL) is an incredible resource that Helping Hands Hawaii provides to the community. BAL offers the services of highly skilled language experts who interpret and translate in a variety of settings. Services can be requested for medical, legal, insurance, education, government or any other field requiring language interpretation in-person or over the phone or written translation. BAL is available 24 hours a day seven days a week in 20 different languages.

Zhanna Conrad

When asked why she loves being an interpreter, Zhanna Conrad, a Russian interpreter at Helping Hands Hawaii since 2013, said,

It makes me happy to know that I can help people reach a better quality of life by helping them:

  • Transcend the language barriers between people to be understood in situations that are vitally important to them;
  • Understand information upon which their lives may depend;
  • Communicate with assurance and peace of mind that we, as professional interpreters, can be trusted and believe their message is accurately related to an individual speaking another language;
  • Feel that they are functional members of American society, where they came to make a better life for themselves and their families;
  • Become immersed in a new culture with a language they don’t speak well; and
  • Bridge the gap between them and people born in America.

For more information on the services offered through Bilingual Access Line, call (808) 526-9724, Option 1 or email us. For more information on becoming a part-time/on-call interpreter at Helping Hands Hawaii, visit our Employment page for a list of current vacancies.


  1. I have never ever heard about BAl , but thanks to knowing us.
    Good work.

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