Mahalo for Supporting our Halloween Costume Drive

Teapresso Mahalo

Mahalo to everyone who participated in our Halloween costume drive with Teapresso Bar Hawaii! We collected approximately 1,500 costumes for children, teens and adults. We even received some costumes for pets!

Each day can be a challenge for those who struggle to make ends meet. And, while all parents want the best for their children, sometimes other priorities take precedence, like rent, utilities, food, medication or transportation expenses. The high cost of living, lack of affordable housing and other economic challenges that we experience in Hawaii can be especially difficult for families with limited incomes, education, English-speaking ability or other barriers.

This is why the Halloween Costume Drive is truly special to us. When clients are focused on keeping their families afloat, sometimes little things, like trick-or-treating, can fall by the wayside. Children may not understand the larger issues their parents face and only know that they do not have a Halloween costume or cannot participate in Halloween activities.

Because of your costume donations, hundreds of children are now able to take part in Halloween and can express their creativity, expand their imaginations and improve their self-confidence simply by being a part of their school and community events. So, thank you so much for donating your new and gently used costumes and giving these families, and especially the children, the potential for an amazing Halloween this year!


For more information about how to receive Halloween costumes for you and your family, click here to read our previous blog post.

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