Operational Advancements Improve Overall Ability to Serve Community


Every company must adapt to changes in technology in order to remain competitive, and non-profit organizations are no different. However, many non-profits face budgetary challenges and must choose between funding operational improvements or programs and services that help the community.

This can be a struggle for agencies, like Helping Hands Hawaii (HHH), because our mission is “to strengthen our community by enhancing the quality of people’s lives through the delivery of goods and services to those in need.We do this through programs that aid individuals and families in housing stabilization, poverty prevention, language access and behavioral health.

However, without the proper operational resources within the agency, our staff cannot effectively and efficiently assist those in need. So, in 2014, HHH began to implement upgrades in human resources to improve and automate processes that had previously been manual. With the new system, employees received secured access to their individual human resources and payroll information. A dashboard with multiple options allowed them to view or make changes to their personal data online and to electronically connect with company payroll or human resources staff. This is particularly efficient for the members of our staff (more than 75) who primarily work in the field.

This year HHH will launch another tool to give employees a quicker way to access their time-off account balances and electronically submit requests for time off to their supervisors. Employees will also be able to submit electronic time sheets for payroll processing. This new system will eliminate the need for paper requests and signature approvals and more easily maintain work history data for employee files.

By making these operational improvements within HHH, we hope to modernize our human resources and payroll processes, reduce time-consuming manual work, eliminate paper copies and simplify our staff’s overall experience. Technological advancements like these are vital to the future success of the agency and will allow employees more time to focus on our mission instead of being bogged down by outdated processes and systems. By spending less time completing operational tasks, our staff can continue outreaching to individuals in need and performing direct consumer services.

As advances in technology continue, HHH is committed to remaining competitive and investing in our employees’ futures. Without our team of dedicated employees and the resources they need to accomplish their duties, HHH would be unable to provide the variety of programs with which we do. By improving operations within the agency, it expands our overall ability to serve our community.

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