Shop ‘Til You Drop with AmazonSmile

HHH_AMAZON_SMILE_SOCIAL_MEDIA_8As the holidays approach, many people are searching for the perfect gifts to give their loved ones. And these days, you can shop ’til you drop from the comfort of your own home! But, did you know that your online shopping expedition can turn into social good?

When you shop through AmazonSmile, Helping Hands Hawaii will immediately feel the impact! By using our special link to shop (, AmazonSmile automatically donates 0.5% of your eligible purchases to us! You can even increase the effect by encouraging your social network to use the link too.

Shopping through AmazonSmile is a simple and effective way to show your support of our efforts in the community. You can find the same things on AmazonSmile that you would on the regular Amazon site, so why not choose to spread good vibes in the community by using AmazonSmile?

Donations received through AmazonSmile help us to help others. With the freedom to apply these contributions where they are most needed, you never know whose life will be touched. The funds we receive from AmazonSmile may help us buy school supplies or holiday gifts for struggling families. It could pay for a tank of gas for the Community Clearinghouse donation truck, which visits neighborhoods across Oahu to collect donations from the public that are given to low-income or homeless individuals for free. Or, it could benefit all of our staff by being applied to an agency expense, such as the internet or utility bills, without which our programs would not be able to continue efficiently.

These donations are vital to the work we do, which spans across generations, cultures, languages and financial situations. So, use our AmazonSmile link and support Helping Hands Hawaii with each and every purchase you make this year and every year. It’s easy. It’s simple. And you make a difference in your community!

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