Adopt A Family – The Ke-Fernandez Family


After a few setbacks, including a boyfriend who left and the loss of her job, this single mom became homeless. Luckily, Jade and her daughter were able to regroup in a transitional shelter and now life is improving. With their living situation a bit more stable, she continues to look for a permanent job. To […]

Adopt A Family – The Marshall Family


There are many families, like the Marshalls, who have faced challenges in the past but never gave up hope. Sometimes, all they needed was a helping hand to encourage them to keep looking toward the future. Through the Adopt A Family program, you can extend your hand and reach out to those in need. Help […]

Adopt A Family – Helping Hands Hawaii Program Promises Families in Need a Brighter Holiday Season


For many years, our community has come together to give families a happier holiday through the Adopt A Family program. But, sometimes donors don’t realize just how important their act of kindness can be for individuals and families in need. Click the image above to see the impact donors have made on clients, like Gloria. […]

Adopt A Family – Joeanne Apilando


After being laid off from her full-time job last year, Joeanne and her family have struggled to make ends meet with only the income from her second job, a part-time position that cut back her hours to less than 20 per week. To learn more about Joeanne and her family, click the image above to […]

The Gift of Hope


Mahalo to Chris Tanaka and Hawaii News Now for their support of our annual Adopt A Family program. Click the image below to view the video on Hawaii News Now’s website.  

Brighten the holidays for struggling families

Hawaii News Now - Nov2011 story

Helping Hands Hawai‘i makes the holidays special for struggling families through the Honolulu Star Advertiser’s Adopt A Family & Good Neighbor Fund campaign. Click here for a story from Steve Uyehara of Hawai‘i News Now.