Limited English Speakers Value Interpreter Services from Bilingual Access Line


Living in an English-speaking community when it’s not your mother tongue can be hard. Everyday activities become challenges. But, imagine how much harder it can be when dealing with medical issues, disputes over bills and legal matters. That’s why many non-native speakers use the Bilingual Access Line (BAL) to ensure that communication is not hampered […]

An Interpreter’s Life at Helping Hands Hawaii

Joann Caplett 01.24.17

Ever want to experience a day in someone else’s shoes? Take a peek into the life of Helping Hands Hawaii Korean interpreter and translator Joann Caplett. She joined our Bilingual Access Line (BAL) on Oct. 25, 1993 and has worked for 23 years in a variety of settings, such as medical, educational, housing, legal, court […]

Increasing Access to Services for Limited English Proficient Populations


On Aug. 11, 2000, President Clinton signed Executive Order 13166 to improve access to benefits and services for people with Limited English Proficiency (LEP). Since then, local, state and federal governments have spent considerable time and training to improve access to services. Many organizations in the private sector have also done their parts to update […]

Free Spoken Interpretation and Written Translation Services for Non-Profits

Nina, Dr. Lee and Client

Our Bilingual Access Line (BAL) will offer free spoken interpretation and written translation services to non-profit organizations in Hawaii for all requests completed by Oct. 1, 2016. BAL services are available in 20 primary languages on site or over the phone ­24 hours a day, 7 days a week. BAL also provides referrals to 90 […]